All Inclusive Fare


You will enjoy our all-inclusive meals on your yacht charter!  Majori, our stellar chef, loves to make custom dishes for her guests based on their preferences. She can focus on creating healthy authentic dishes as well as incorporating simple staple foods when desired. It is entirely up to you and your group!

Sample Menu


Served with Tea, coffee, and juices. Seeded Health or Rye bread and Mimosa Upon request

Eggs Benedict with crispy kale, baby spinach, red onion, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and feta with Avocado on top sprinkled with crispy leeks. 

Omelette with baby spinach, pesto, garlic, mushrooms, feta, crispy baby marrow spiced with cayenne pepper and a dash of turmeric spice. Options: Salmon, bacon, extra cheese, vegetable.

Egg scones in a cup with salmon, cheese, bacon, and or veg filling 

Coconut and/Almond Flour pancakes done sweet (cinnamon spice) or savoury. Options for toppings: Honey, Peanut butter, Nut butter (almond, cashew, macadamia), Tahini, Nutella, Maple syrup, blackberry sauce

Breakfast Health Smoothie made with a local tropical fruit, apple and half a banana, spirulina, Maca, and Acai powder, hemp seeds, Kale and Tahini blended with ice sprinkled with homemade sugar free health granola and chia seeds. Serving options: In a wine glass or bowl

Scrambled eggs with fresh cherry tomatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper. Topped with a choice of cheese, avocado or your choice of jam 

Scones served with honey, your choice of jam, maple syrup or Nutella with grated cheese


Poké Bowl (Salmon, Tuna, shrimp or Tofu) with avocado, cucumber, shredded carrot, pickled ginger, purple cabbage, crispy salad leaves sprinkled with sesame seeds and spring onions

Fresh Wraps (chicken, mince or veg) with mayonnaise, red cabbage, feta, shredded carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, avocado and peppers

Chicken Salad with beetroot, butternut, olives, feta, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes and cucumber sprinkled with toasted seeds and crispy onions on a bed of crisp leaves and baby spinach



Homemade hummus with carrot, celery and cucumber veg board

Meat platter


Green Chicken Thai Curry served with your choice of pasta or rice

Cauliflower base Pizza topped with Worcester sauce dipped chicken, roasted butternut, baby marrow, onions, eggplant, peppers and mushrooms and a mix of cheeses

Bunless beef burger with camembert cheese, an egg, avocado, eggplant, baby marrow and crisp leaves with a side of sweet potato fries

Seared Tuna dipped in crispy sesame seeds with lightly steamed broccoli, and a fresh salad

Stuffed chicken breast with spinach, feta and crispy onions served with mixed veg and crispy baked potatoes


Don Pedro

Ice cream with chocolate sauce

Apple crumble with almond flour, cinnamon spice, crispy oats and honey served with ice cream

Milkshake chocolate, vanilla, cookie chocolate chip, gingerbread cookie, chai or pumpkin spice

Carrot cake made with almond and coconut flour, dates, honey, toasted walnuts, carrots, vanilla extract and cinnamon spice with cream cheese frosting 

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